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Product Guarantee

How do we guarantee our product? We guarantee it with a price offer. Here’s our offer. We will offer our products to you for 10% less than our competitors for up to 10 days after you’ve purchased it. What’s the catch? None. But these are the very straightforward terms. All we ask is that the competitor’s price must be public and posted online. The page that carries the price must be accessible to the public. The price must be that of a comparable product. And you can calculate your price by multiplying our competitor’s price by 0.9. The offer is on the purchase of 100 tests or a lower number.

If you do find any comparable product that costs lower, contact us. If you’ve already purchased our product, we’ll issue a refund. If you’ve ordered, we’ll send you a fresh quote. If your payment is by credit card, the amount will be credited to your card. If it is by check, a check will be mailed to you. This transaction will take 5 business days.

Do remember – this offer is only for 10 days after your purchase. Please make sure your email/mail reaches us before the 10 days are over.

And we’ll continue to make sure you get the best possible price. No questions.


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