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Your search for reliable, easy to use, confidential drug test kits ends right here!  Moreover, our drug testing kits are affordable, accurate and are FDA Cleared.  Plus, we work hard to provide absolute privacy on your orders.

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Drug Testing Kits – Both single and multi panel drug test kits are available!

Our single panel test kits can test for the presence of one drug. There are separate test kits available for marijuana, cocaine, oxycodone, methamenphatamine (mAmp) and several others While while multi-panel drug test kits can detect multiple drugs. For example the ten drug test card can detect a combination of cocaine, amphetamine, methaphmine, marijuana (THC), methadone, opiates, phencyclidine, barbituate, benzodizepine and triclyclics.  Our test kits are FDA Cleared and set to the SAMSHA cut-off levels.  So you are assured that the results are accurate.

Alcohol Testing -  Breathalyzers and Oral Alcohol Saliva Tests

Both breathalyzers and  alcohol saliva tests are available at DrugTestStrips.com. The breathalyzers are ideal for testing outdoors, at home, office or schools.  We offer D.O.T / NHTSA approved alcohol breathalyzer units and these are very accurate, reliable and consistent. The oral saliva alcohol tests are simple and easy to use.

Pregnancy Tests, Menopause Test and Ovulation Tests

We also have Pregnancy tests, Menopause tests and ovulation tests available at our store.  Further information is available on their respective pages.

Laboratory Testing and Specimen Cups

We do laboratory urine drug screens and confirmation tests for a range of drugs. We also offer specimen cups for professional sample collections. These cups are sealed and are available with or without urine temperature monitoring thermometers.

Absolute Privacy - We strive hard to protect your privacy!

Here is what we do to safeguard your privacy:

  1. Your information regarding your orders will be kept private. We will not give your mailing address or email to anyone
  2. We do not sell, rent or give out our mailing lists to others unless it is in the course of mailing your order – for example, the bank or the shipping company.  
  3. All packages are sent in plain brown boxes with no shipper address. So as to protect your privacy!

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