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Marijuana Drug Test Card / THC Test Strips
Marijuana(THC) Test Card

Marijuana Drug Test Card / THC Test Strips

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Marijuana drug test card/THC test strip is the right drug test kit for people who want to know the marijuana level in the body conveniently and in total privacy of their homes.

Our Marijuana Drug Testing Kits are

  • Most affordable method for marijuana testing
  • Quick results (in just few minutes)
  • 95% to 98% accurate (best in this type of drug tests)
  • A simple to administer dip-and-read test designed to detect marijuana use in urine
  • FDA Cleared
  • Set to the SAMSHA cut-off levels


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Marijuana Drug Testing Facts

  • Marijuana/THC test cards detect THC, an active ingredient in marijuana.
  • Marijuana drug tests can detect THC in urine up to 48-72 hours after single use.
  • Even very low concentrations of THC can be detected by marijuana/THC test kits in the initial seven hours.
  • THC can be detected for up to 12 weeks in long-term and habitual marijuana users.
  • Use of some medicines like Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Dronabinol, etc., may lead to false positive results.

What is Marijuana?

  • Marijuana is sourced from plant, ‘cannabis sativa’.
  • It has been cultivated for more than 2000 years for its psychedelic properties.
  • In marijuana the THC (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) is the main mind altering active ingredient.

What is the Impact of Marijuana on the Human Brain?

  • As soon as marijuana enters the brain it stimulating brain cells to release the chemical-dopamine.
  • The user feels euphoric, relaxed, increased sensory perception, altered perception of time, increased appetite, etc.
  • After the euphoria subsides, the user feels lethargic, drowsy, depressed, anxious, frightened, or panicky.
  • Long term abuse of marijuana-, impairs a person’s ability to shift focus, form new memories.
  • The cerebellum, the part of the brain that regulates balance, posture, coordination and reaction time gets severely damaged, making driving a vehicles, operating heavy machineries, doing complicated task, participating in sports, etc., difficult to perform.
  • Heavy addicts of marijuana may experience an acute psychosis, hallucinations, delusions, schizophrenia like disorders, short term memory loss etc.

What is the impact of Marijuana on our Lungs and Respiratory System?

  • The smoke of Marijuana contains toxic mixture of gases and particles that are scientifically proven to be harmful to the lungs.
  • Some of the common problems are daily coughing, increased phlegm production, acute chest pain, and chances of lung infections.
  • Chances of Lung Cancer increase manifolds, since a marijuana smoker, inhales more deeply, and hold their breath longer than the tobacco smokers, they are being more exposed to the carcinogenic smoke.
  • Burning and stinging of mouth and throat is experienced by long term users.

What is the impact of marijuana on our Immunity System?

  • It is suspected to suppress the immune system with increased incidence of infections or immune disorder.
  • Risk of developing bacterial infections and tumors increases.
  • Even irregular consumption can ruin of our immunity system.

What is the impact of Marijuana on our Heart?

  • After few minutes of inhaling marijuana’s smoke, an individuals heart rate speeds up by 20-50 beats per minute.
  • The blood pressure drops rapidly, increasing the chances of heart attack drastically.
  • Even younger smokers are equally vulnerable to sudden heart attacks without any previous medical history.

What is the effect of Marijuana on Female abusers and their Babies?

  • The women who uses marijuana more frequently, in high doses experience irregular periods and ovulation, difficulty in conceiving, unplanned pregnancy,  increased chances of miscarriages, missed abortions, early delivery, etc.
  • Even during pregnancy the ill effects of marijuana reaches the fetus leading to retarded growth- both physical and mental.
  • Such babies may have low birth weight, low immunity, hyperactivity disorders, memory impairments, learning disability.
  • In young children it can even lead to severe neuropsychiatric conditions such as anxiety, chronic depression, extreme aggression, etc.

What is the impact of Marijuana on Teenagers and Young Adults?

  • Marijuana addiction among adolescents is one of the most pressing problems today.
  • Among teens aged 12 to 17, boys are more much likely than girls to report marijuana use.
  • Marijuana remains the most popular among the most abused drug by the young adults.
  • Teenage is the critical time for physical, mental and emotional development, drug abuse of any kind can stunt their overall growth and can have long term ill effect even after quitting the drug for many years.
  • Its long-term abuse can stunt the body growth, decrease fertility in girls and lowers the sperm count in boys.
  • Chances of criminal activities like shop-lifting, stealing, etc. increases.
  • They lose focus which severely eaffects their studies, college plans, career, employment, etc.

It can even lead to severe depression, suicidal tendency, and mental disorder among youngsters.

What are the popular Street names and slangs that Marijuana is called by?

  • Marijuana has hundreds of street names and nicknames such as-
  • Super sunk, easy rider, OG Kush, LOUIS XIII, White Queen, First girl, skunk red, white widow, big bud, Durban poison, Mauwie Wauwie , purple  haze, bob Marley, Carmelicious, Afghan, ganja, early misty, sky walker, presidential, Durban, boom, northern lights, Hawaiian, Citrals, GOM…good old marijuana, grass, weed, bud, jay, reefer, blunt, Queen’s Ann’s Lace, spliff, sinsomilla, doobee, golden, leaf hash, hemp, hydrophonic, kif, leaf, herb, gangster, Mary Jane, boom, chronic, ace, Aunt Mary, Back bart, smoking pot ,munchies ,Jane, Getaway Drug ,Cannabis etc.

How is Marijuana used in medicine?

  • Beneficial effects of marijuana in treating these patients, decreasing their suffering, verses, increase in the side effects (withdrawal symptom and addiction of marijuana) of their treatment has yet to be established.

How is Marijuana used for recreation?

  • Marijuana is generally smoked in a cigarette joint, blunts, pipe, cigars, etc.
  • For this a mixture of marijuana and tobacco is used.
  • The effect of marijuana upon smoking is immediate but the effect on the body only remains for a brief period of time.
  • Marijuana can also be combined with eatables, beverages and alcohol.

When marijuana is orally consumed the effect comes after a certain while but the effect on the body remains for a longer period of time.

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