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High Quality Drug Test Kits at Drugteststrips.com Cost 73% Less than those in Neighborhood Pharmacies

Drugteststrips.com, an online store, which offers wide range of FDA approved drug testing products, is now providing high quality products at 73% lesser price than those available in the neighborhood pharmacies.

While all the top online pharmacies in US are selling 5-7 panel drug testing kits (cups) at much higher prices (average cost per piece is $27.26), Drugteststrips.com is offering the same quality products at an affordable and much lower price of $6.25.

Unlike other pharmacies, which are offering only one product, Drugteststrips.com is offering many products that test for different combinations of drugs.

These test kits are accurate, reliable and easy to use. Drugteststrips.com is accredited by BBB and also provides free shipping for orders above $25.


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